First Lesson of the New Season

Happy New Year!

Looking forward to seeing familiar faces, and some new ones, at our first lesson of 2015 starting February 5 at 7-9 pm at the EJCA.

Please plan to arrive a bit early help with set up, 6:50 would be great, and allow time for clean up at the end.

This is a good time for newcomers to begin as we will start with a review of shoka. Hoping to find some flowering branch material to raise our winter spirits with promises of Spring.

A few reminders:

  • Please confirm your attendance by Sunday, January 31, so we have enough material for everyone.
  • Remember to always bring indoor shoes as outdoor footwear is not allowed in the EJCA.
  • Returning members,  including beginners from November, are expected to pay the Ikebana Club dues  $50 at the first session attended in the year, as well as the usual flower material costs, $15. Annual EJCA membership dues can be paid in class as well, but separately.
  • Newcomers may attend 2 sessions before paying Ikebana Club and EJCA membership, but must pay for flowers and equipment purchases.
  • Please contact us for details and with further questions at



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