Catch Up Time

It has been a busy session and we appreciate the dedication of our students. Anticipation and enthusiasm are high as we wrap up the Spring term with our first workshops with a visiting Ikenobo professor from Japan. Pictures of that event will be up soon.

Meanwhile here are the May and June class pictures and a few shots from the Spring Festival at the Kurimoto Gardens where we had a well attended exhibit and demonstration. Many thanks to all who participated.

Kurimoto Gardens Exhibit June 4


May was a Month of Jiyuka / Freestyle

May 5 at the EJCA


May 8 at the EJDIC

May 18 at the EJCA

May 23 at the EJDIC

June was  a Focus on Shoka Shimputai

June 6 at the EJDIC

June 15 at the EJCA

June 20 at the EJDIC

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