May 17-June 25

Summer rain is good for the garden and a perfect time to catch up on the remainder of the Spring season photos. The highlight of this time of year, of course, is the visiting professor workshops.

Here are the photos leading up to that event and the one class after. Be sure to check the calendar for the Fall season dates at both locations. Note that the daytime classes at the Jewish Seniors’ Centre start in late August, take a break for most of September for the high holidays, and move to Wednesdays starting in October. We hope this won’t inconvenience you and the upside is we will have better parking available as well as continued use of the larger room.

Next Event: Exhibition & Sale at the EJCA Summer Festival, July 14, 2-8 pm. Tell your friends!

Natsu Matsuri 2018 

May 17 Shoka Shimputai

May 22 Futakabu-ike / Split shoka

June 7 Futakabu-ike and Shoka Shimputai



June 12 Jiyuka

June 26 Shoka Shimputai or Shofutai (Student’s Choice)



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Spring Season Pics

It has been a busy Spring season and excitement builds as our workshops with our visiting professor get closer. Here is the season so far in review, starting with the most recent class and working our way back.

May 8 Shoka Shimputai


May 3 Jiyuka / Freestyle: points

April 24 Jiyuka / Freestyle: surface

April 19 Jiyuka / Freestyle: surface

April 10 Shoka Shofutai Sanshuike

April 5 Shoka Shofutai Sanshuike

March 20 Shoka Shofutai Nishuike

March 15 Shoka Shofutai Nishuike


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March 2018 First Classes

A warm welcome back to our returning students and a hearty welcome to our newcomers. Classes have started at both locations with either a review or introduction, depending on the group, to shoka shofutai.

Please check the calendar on the home page for upcoming sessions and topics. Remember, it is important that you confirm your attendance in advance of each class so that we will have appropriate amounts of material for everyone.

Be sure to mark your calendar now for the visiting professor workshops June 20-21. You won’t want to miss out.

Shoka Isshike

March 1 : liatris or lilies

March 6: gladiola


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Fall 2017 Catching Up

What better time than deepest winter to catch up on our Fall photos.


September 12

September 21

October 5


That’s it for now. More to come when I return.

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Fall Shoka Sanshuike

Welcome back everyone! We kicked off the Fall session with shoka shofutai, sanshuike, using materials that reflect the season.

Check the calendar for upcoming classes and we really appreciate it if you can give as much notice as possible if you are unable to attend your usual class or would like to attend at the other location for a make up or extra class.

Please note there are some irregularities in the schedule this Fall to work around the high holidays at the JDIC and our travel schedule for the Illinois workshop. We have added a make up class December 7 at the EJCA since we have to cancel Oct. 19.

September 5 at the JDIC

September 7 at the EJCA

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Day 2 Visiting Professor Workshops June 26-27, 2017

We Offer Our Gratitude to All Who Contributed to This Event


Professor Chino’s Shoka 

Student Arrangements

Professor Chino’s Shoka Shimputai

Student Arrangements



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Visiting Professor Workshops June 26-27, 2017

Jiyuka / Freestyle

Our first evening with Professor Chino focused on freestyle. After professor Chino’s demonstration students chose from a variety of material to create their arrangements which were then corrected by the professor. Professor Chino’s skill and helpful comments were greatly appreciated by all.

Coming next: Shoka sanshuike and shimputai workshop pictures.

Professor Chino’s Arrangements


Student Arrangements

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