Catch Up Time

It has been a busy session and we appreciate the dedication of our students. Anticipation and enthusiasm are high as we wrap up the Spring term with our first workshops with a visiting Ikenobo professor from Japan. Pictures of that event will be up soon.

Meanwhile here are the May and June class pictures and a few shots from the Spring Festival at the Kurimoto Gardens where we had a well attended exhibit and demonstration. Many thanks to all who participated.

Kurimoto Gardens Exhibit June 4


May was a Month of Jiyuka / Freestyle

May 5 at the EJCA


May 8 at the EJDIC

May 18 at the EJCA

May 23 at the EJDIC

June was  a Focus on Shoka Shimputai

June 6 at the EJDIC

June 15 at the EJCA

June 20 at the EJDIC

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Shoka Shimputai

Shoka shimputai is a beautiful form: simple and challenging.

Please check the calendar on the welcome page for upcoming classes, topics and events.

April 2o at the EJCA

Material: lilies, quince, mini-chrysanthemums, tropical leaves

April 25 at the EJDIC

Materials: red osier dogwood, lilies, chrysanthemums, oncidium, solidago

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April 6 Shoka Shofutai Sanshuike

Both classes at the EJCA worked on sanshuike this week.

Material: forsythia, aspidistra, tulips

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Sanshuike April 4

Spring flowers offset yesterday’s snow.

Shoka Shofutai Nisshuike

From nisshuike last class.we moved on to shoka shofutai sanshuike today.

Next class at this location is April 25.

Next Topic: Shoka shimputai


Shoka Shofutai Sanshuike

Material: sunflowers, aspidistra leaves and tulips.



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Shoka Nisshuike March 16 and 21

In March we continued our introduction for some, and review for others, of shoka nisshuike.

Please check the calendar on the welcome page for future classes and topics.

Materials included: pussy willow, broom, chrysanthemum.

March 16 at the EJCA

March 21 at the EJDIC

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Welcome Back

Although not everyone was back from winter holidays, it was great to see so many of you for our first classes of the year. The bright colours of these shokas were a happy sight in the hopefully last cold days of winter.

Please check the calendar on the welcome page for upcoming lessons and topics. Click on the lesson in the calendar to see the topic and location information.

EJCA March 2: Shoka Shofutai, Isshuike

Material: most with liatris and one with chrysanthemum

Edmonton Jewish Seniors’ Centre March 7: 

Shoka Shofutai, Isshuike

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Happy Holidays

It’s wind up time for this year. Classes at the EJCA are finished until March and the last class at the Jewish Seniors’ Centre is tomorrow, pictures to follow.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season. We look forward to seeing you again  in March, if not sooner. We’ll be updating the calendar for 2017 soon.

Seasonal Jiyuka/Freestyle December 1 at the EJCA


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