Ikenobo Ikebana Sample Photos

Wondering what container to use for different arrangements?

Here are some samples of arrangements in containers ranging from cheaper, locally available vases to higher end Japanese vases.

Almost anything can be used for free style but classical styles like shoka, rikka and tatehana call for more traditionally shaped containers. Shoka and Rikka containers are generally narrow at the bottom and wider at the top. One exception would be split shoka containers.

Many more examples of ikebana vases and equipment can be found at the Ikenobo store, Karaku: just enter the style of vase in their search bar.

SHOKA and RIKKA use similar containers

These containers vary in height but are narrower at the bottom than the top.


Since these arrangements represent the landscape of the pond they are low and allow for space around the two kenzans.

JIYUKA/Freestyle uses a wide variety of containers

The black & white curriculum container, first image, is very versatile and can be reversed, stood on end, etc to create different effects. These vases, and the accompanying book, are only available through an Ikenobo teacher who has participated in the Jiyuka curriculum workshop.

TATEHANA, a traditional style, uses a small container