Visiting Professor 2019 Yoshitada Sato

May 22-23 Workshops

The Ikenobo Edmonton Study Group welcomed Professor Yoshitada Sato for two days of workshops: shoka shofutai and shimputai, as well as jiyuka.

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Professor Yoshitada SATO

Professor Yoshitada Sato is from Akita, Japan where he is an active member of the Ikenobo Akita Chapter. Professor Sato is a member of the Akita Prefectural Ikebana Association and Japan Ikebana Art Association. He is also a member of the Central Governing Board of Ikenobo Society of Floral Art.

Professor Sato began his study of Ikenobo ikebana in 1987, and in 2000 he graduated from the Advanced Course at the Ikenobo Central Training Institute, Ikenobo Headquarters, Kyoto. He has since completed the Special Advanced Courses in Classic Rikka, Shoka and Free-style, and the Technical Seminar in Shoka and Free-style. He is a “Tachibana” prizewinner of Central Training Institute, Ikenobo Headquarters and also won a prize at the Competition of the Ikenobo Tohoku Exhibition in Iwate and All Japan Ikenobo Ikebana Judged Competition of Ikenobo Autumn Tanabata Exhibition.

In 2013, He was appointed as a Researcher of Ikenobo Central Training Institute, Ikenobo Headquarters, Kyoto.

Professor Sato has been demonstrating at various Ikenobo Chapter events in Japan. In addition to his teaching and study of Ikenobo, he enjoys watching baseball and soccer games. (Data as of February 2019)


Yoshitada Sato Curriculum Vitae

Edmonton Workshops: Professor Sato’s Arrangements


May 22 Shoka Shofutai: Sanshuike

Shoka Shimputai

May 23 Jiyuka

Tatehana Class at the Recent Illinois Prairie Chapter Workshop

Many thanks to Jeanne Holy for posting these.

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