Ikebana , the Art of Japanese Flower Arranging

In Person Classes for Fall 2022.

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Current Guidelines for In Person Classes

  • N95 masks  mandatory inside the facility during a visiting professor workshop, otherwise optional, unless provincial public health regulations change
  • Assist with set up and clean up. Plan for a little extra time before and after class.
  • Please do not attend class if feeling unwell.

New Member Information: Getting Started

Members from other Ikenobo Chapters or Study Groups are Welcome to Participate via Zoom when available, or in Person if Visiting the Edmonton Area

Class RegistrationSign Up!

  • Sign up through the on-line system.
  • The Sign Up sheets lock 3 weeks before each class. We need time to order flowers.
  • Payment is due 3 weeks before each class as flowers are then ordered.
  • Contact us if you have problems signing up, or changing a sign up: ikebanaclub@gmail.com
  • Review material for classes: The class lesson videos, notes and helpful hints are posted in our Members section.

Regular In person classes: arrangements are made in class. Material is provided at the classes. Currently $25 per class. Send payment via e-transfer, at least one month in advance .

Rikka Class: $50. Send payment via e-transfer, at least one month in advance .

NOTE: material prices any be subject to change over the year if there are significant changes in market prices.

Demonstrations, Workshops (Online or In person), Private Lessons

Please contact us if you have questions or to book a demonstration, workshop or individual lesson.

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