The study and practice of ikebana is a lifelong learning opportunity. Members of the Ikenobo Edmonton Study group are also registered as students with the Ikenobo Japan school of ikebana.

To mark a students progress, a teacher may recommend application for a diploma. These diplomas recognize commitment to learning, increased skill, and knowledge. Students with higher level diplomas are encouraged to pass their learning to others through teaching but this is not a requirement.

Students are encouraged to apply for a diploma as soon as they are ready in order to be eligible to participate in future opportunities. Higher level diplomas give students access to workshops, videos and courses not available to beginning students, as well as opportunities to participate in exhibits that require a certain level of achievement.

How to apply for a diploma

Keep track of the number of lessons you have participated in and consult with your teacher. The chapter or study group makes the application to Ikenobo Japan for a student diploma.

Diploma Requirements

New requirements and fees for diplomas came into effect in April 2022.

Comparison of Previous and Current Requirements and Fees