Ikenobo Edmonton Ikebana Study Group

Operated by: Edmonton Ikenobo Ikebana Society, a not-for-profit educational society.

Purpose: To teach and practice the art of ikebana.

Lesson Times and Locations: Check the calendar on the Welcome Page for updated information.

  • Evenings (usually 2 Thursdays per month): EJCA Ikebana Club: Edmonton Japanese Cultural Centre, 6750 88 St. NW, Edmonton, AB.  All are welcome. Membership in the Edmonton Japanese Community Association is required for lessons at this location, see fee information below. 
  • Daytime (usually 2 Tuesday or Wednesday afternoons per month): JDIC Jewish Seniors’ Centre, 10052 117 Street. All are welcome. Membership in the Jewish Seniors’ Centre not required for lessons at this location.
  • Lessons and demonstrations are held in other locations from time to time as well. Please check the home page calendar for all upcoming class times and events.

Demonstrations or Lesson Booking: 

  • Contact us at the address below to book a demonstration or lesson series at your location.

Teachers:  Ikenobo School of Ikebana certified

  • Jean-Marcel Duciaume
  • Brenda Jackson

Contact us: ikebanaclub@gmail.com

Webmaster: Brenda Jackson

Lesson times: Please check the welcome page calendar for all upcoming class times and events.

  • Please arrive a few minutes early to prepare your work space and be ready to start at the time indicated on the calendar.
  • Please allow some time at the end of the lesson to help clear and clean the room. We are expected to leave the area clean. At the Japanese Community Centre this includes dishes washed and put away. This only takes a few minutes if everyone helps.

Naturally, all students will not be available for all classes and some classes might be rescheduled as necessary due to time conflicts and facility availability.

Note: The JDIC Jewish Seniors’ Centre is closed in October, no classes.


  • Students who take lessons at the Edmonton Japanese Cultural Centre are also members of the EJCA Ikebana Club and must register as members of the Edmonton Japanese Cultural Association (EJCA). Current membership dues are listed on the EJCA web site. Membership forms can be downloaded from the web site. Membership is open to all.  http://www.ejca.org/documents/centre/EJCAMembershipForms.pdf
  • Copies will also be available at meetings. EJCA dues can be paid at club meetings. Please attach the completed form and indicate ikebana club in the club section.
  • Students who take lessons at theEdmonton Jewish Seniors’ Centre (EJDIC) pay $5 per class to the Centre
  • Fees for lessons at other locations will be determined on a cost recovery basis.

2018 Annual Study Group registration fee :  $60.


  •  Ikenobo registration
  • costs such as room rental, printing, tea & cookies
  •  a small reserve fund to contribute to the cost of special workshops and other further ikebana education opportunities.

Fall Newcomers:  reduced registration fee $40

Note: This is a not-for-profit organization. The current teachers are volunteers.

2018 Lesson fee:  $20 to cover the costs of flower material. Students are asked to pay in advance.

  • Our goal is to keep the cost to members as low as possible while covering expenses. During the summer season students are also encouraged to bring additional material from their own gardens. Branches, reeds and grasses can often be collected in the wild.
  • Time is required to order flowers. To ensure we have enough for everyone to make an arrangement please confirm your attendance by the Sunday prior to each lesson. If adequate notice is given students will be given credit for a missed pre-paid lesson.

New members and Beginners’ Classes:

  • New members will be welcome as long as we can accommodate them in the space available to us.
  • Beginners with no previous ikebana experience will be welcomed at the beginning of our season usually March or September. Please contact us  ikebanaclub@gmail.com for more information.


  • Please sign on as a Follower of this blog to receive class notices and information updates
  • The on-line photo albums will be updated  as soon as possible after each class.
  • Please ensure we have your current email address and phone number. Having your contact information allows us to inform you of last minute changes such as cancellation due to illness or weather conditions (remember the blizzard!)

Special Workshops:

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