Ikenobo Edmonton Ikebana Study Group

Operated by: Edmonton Ikenobo Ikebana Society, a not-for-profit educational society.

Purpose: To teach and practice the art of ikebana.

Lesson Times and Locations:

Currently On-line using Zoom

Check the Sign Up button on the Welcome Page for updated information.

EVENINGS (2 Thursdays per month)

DAYTIME ( 2  Wednesday afternoons per month)


  • We are available for on-line demonstrations.
  • Contact us to book a demonstration or lesson series at your location.

Teachers:  Ikenobo School of Ikebana certified

  • Jean-Marcel Duciaume
  • Brenda Jackson

Lesson times:

Please check the welcome page SignUp link for all upcoming class times and events.

All registered Edmonton Ikenobo Ikebana members may participate in any classes or events. Non-members require permission to register.

Contact: ikebanaclub@gmail.com

Membership Fees:

  • Annual Student Membership fee $65
  • Ikenobo Special members and teachers: contact us for current fees


  •  Ikenobo registration
  • Access to demonstration videos, notes and classes

Note: This is a not-for-profit organization. The current teachers are volunteers. Proceeds pay for expenses and further education.

Supporting Member Information & Fees:

This membership category is for people who are already registered with another Ikenobo Chapter or Study group: Supporting Member Information

New members and Beginners’ Classes:

  • People with previous ikebana experience are welcome to join the regular classes.
  • Beginners are welcome to contact us to schedule an introductory series.
  • Contact:  ikebanaclub@gmail.com for more information.


  • Please sign on as a Follower of this blog to receive  notices when pictures are posted and information updates
  • All Students, please ensure we have your current email address and phone number. Having your contact information allows us to inform you of last minute changes such as cancellation due to illness.

Special Workshops:

  • As an Ikenobo Study group we normally have a visiting Ikenobo professor from Japan once a year. All students are encouraged to attend these special workshops.
  • We also plan to have some online workshops with guest professors. Check the SignUp sheets and Follow this website to receive notices about upcoming events.

Contact Us: ikebanaclub@gmail.com

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